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Site Upgrade

Testing is now available at https://www.the-pork.net

Current Change List:

  1. Site Encryption
    1. The site now uses a secure connection for everything (not just the secure payment page). This means all traffic to and from the site to your browser is encrypted.

  2. Portal
    1. In General Settings you can change the version of the main "portal" page to be a dynamic page where you can move and dock the various components.

  3. Accounts Settings
    1. Added "Default Nickname" which is used (as the name implies) as the Nickname selected when creating new forum/pager posts and entering a chat room that doesn't require you to select a Nickname (i.e. You have a level of membership where you can lurk in a chat room that allows lurking).
    2. Added new site menu styles. Be sure to check out the new versions!
      1. Drop Down
      2. PanelBar
      3. Tabbed
      4. Tablet (Automatically enabled for mobile devices).
    3. Added icons to menu items. You may turn these off under General Settings (Site Menu Version).
    4. Added new Sunset Skin.
    5. Added ability to delete your account. All deletions will be put in a queue and will be processed after an account review by management (prevent users from simply creating and deleting accounts).

  4. Media Vault (Formally called Graphic Vault)
    1. Graphic vault has changed to Media Vault as you can now Record Voice/Video and save so you can post later.
    2. Delete feature will now provide a screen showing you the items you are about to delete and you'll need to confirm. This'll prevent accidental deletion of items.
    3. Added new "Grid" style layout for the Media Vault. You can switch back to the list style like the old site too.
    4. Updated Upload Image page to use new Drag and Drop or select files feature where you can drag (or select) multiple images from your computer and upload. The old style version where you select each individual file is available via the Classic Upload link located at the top of this page.
    5. Added ability to bypass icon coding if you mark your icons as rated "R".

  5. Ignore List
    1. The Ignore List feature has been updated so that Gold level members can now set various levels of ignore. You can choose just to ignore a user’s pager messages and/or chat pictures and/or forum signatures and/or Private Messages in chat rooms or ignore all posts in chat rooms/forums.
    2. Reverse Ignore: Ability to ignore another user AND that user won't be able to see your posts. Gold level members only.         

  6. Nicknames
    1. Ability to change the case of letters in your Nickname.
    2. Assign "Member Title" to individual Nicknames (instead of the whole account).
      1. Added "Founding Beta Tester" member title to all accounts created on or before the launch of The Pork. (May 12th 2001).
      2. Added "Founding Member" member title to all accounts created on or before the first year of The Pork (May 12th 2002).

  7. Profiles
    1. Moved forum signatures and all items from the old "Contact Details" page (public email address, AIM, ICQ, Blog etc.) to the profiles feature so these can all be different depending on the profile attached to the Nickname.
    2. Added Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Pinterest.
    3. Added ability to attach the profile to one or more Nicknames via the Create/Edit profile page (instead of having to go to each Nickname to attach).

  8. Chat Rooms
    1. Bronze members are no longer allowed to create chat rooms
    2. New streaming chat styles
    3. Moved the chat picture drop down menu back on to the main page for the classic version
    4. New version of the web cam feature
    5. Hide Message option (streaming only). Hides the clicked message from the current screen (if you re-enter the room or use the refresh button on your browser all messages are reset).
    6. Added ability to set date/time to expire room bans.

  9. Chat Room Options
    1. Added option to always ask to select your Nickname before entering a room. Useful if you don't always use the same Nickname.
    2. Added Chat Header Style. You can choose to use the classic buttons or the new drop down (cog) menu regardless of chat style. Chat styles have a default menu style so this allows you to override the setting. i.e. You like to use the new classic enhanced chat style but want to use the old style buttons. This setting only works for "classic" chat styles.
    3. Updated with new chat styles.

  10. Paid Chat Rooms
    1. Archive feature. Limited to last 30 days of messages and can be turned off by the room owner.
    2. System message feature allows room owners to turn on notifications in the room when somebody enters the room
    3. Ability to turn off private messaging in the room.
    4. Minimum forum post requirement (restricts users from entering the room if they haven't posted x amount of posts).
    5. Chat Room Rules feature (users are shown rules of the room before entering).
    6. Moderators feature updated to grant different levels of moderator access (Manage Chat Room, Add to Access List, Add Moderators, Delete Moderators etc.).
    7. Paying Members Only feature. Only paying members will be allowed access (unless they are on the Access List).
    8. Access List feature. Allow users added to this list entry to the chat room bypassing restrictions such as the room lock/password, minimum forum post requirement, and Paying Members Only option.
    9. Paid Chat Rooms show on the new Drop Down version of the site menu

  11. Paid Forums
    1. Added Access List feature. Allow users added to this list the ability to post/reply even if forum doesn't allow new posts. Will work on adding a password to forums at a later date and this will allow users on this list entry without a password.
    2. Moderators feature updated to grant different levels of moderator access (Approve Topics, Delete Topics, Manage Forum, Add to Access List, Add Moderators, Delete Moderators etc.).
    3. Added Allow Topic Ratings feature. You can now turn off the ability for users to rate topics in your forum.
    4. Added Reset Topic Ratings feature. You can now delete all current rating on all topics in your forum.
    5. Added Date Expires to Forum Bans.

  12. Color Schemes
    1. Added Skin feature so you can assign a site skin that will change the various items in chat rooms controlled by the site skin (i.e. Buttons, Drop down menus etc.).

  13. Pager
    1. Deleting a message while in single message view will delete the message and send you to the next message in the same folder (if there is one). Helpful if you want to read messages you are deleting instead of using the mass delete option.
    2. New filter feature so you can search messages based on name of the author, recipient, subject or message.

  14. Voice/Video Messages
    1. Upgraded so now videos play back using the HTML5 Video tag allowing play back on devices previously not supported (iOS devices). If your browser does not support HTML5 the flash version is shown instead.

  15. Migration Notes
    1. Bronze Level memberships now are allowed 3 Nicknames (up from 1). Silver Level memberships are now allowed 5 Nicknames (up from 3).
    2. Silver Membership has been changed to be a level of membership when your Gold Membership expires. ONLY previous GOLD members will be allowed this status and if you're a Silver Member who upgraded via the questionnaire you will be downgraded to the Bronze status. The questionnaire was (quite frankly) useless as most just entered bad information and we never used it for anything and as such the data collected will be simply deleted. If you like the benefits of Silver Membership you can purchase a one month Gold membership and you will automatically receive silver level membership benefits when it expires.
    3. Public Image Gallery is being removed. We will look at adding back a Public Gallery in the future but only if we can set up a system to make sure images are either public domain or we have been granted specific rights to use the images.
    4. Default Nickname in Account Settings will be automatically set to the Default Chat Settings Nickname (if set, if not your Username will be used instead).
    5. Default settings for current members will be set to classic (i.e. Classic Portal, Classic Menu Version). All new accounts will use the default settings.
    6. Forum signatures and items in the "Contact Details" page will be automatically copied to ALL of your profiles in your account. If you do not have a profile before the migration a default one will be automatically created and attached to all of your current Nicknames.

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