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Topic (No Replies) Why 2017 Was the Best Year in Human History
Optimistic Editorial about Progress
CJ 1 49 2 days ago @ 8:16 PM
By: charmschool
Topic (No Replies) Why are humans the only creatures that smile? tooldtocare 8 213 12/23/2017
By: Opalescent
Topic (No Replies) my philosophies are pretty simple solaris 1 85 11/26/2017
By: consensual~art
Topic (No Replies) True limitless freedom is impossible
I had to post this short comment and I hope you will offer your opinion.
xXAshXx 13 3898 1/10/2017
By: Mars
Hot Topic (No Replies) Is there a god? Science vs. Religion RainbowSix 31 9571 11/25/2016
By: tooldtocare
Topic (No Replies) What is time?
Is it possible to understand this concept?
ImaDummy 8 1610 11/25/2016
By: tooldtocare
Topic (New Replies) Amy Jirsa Life Quote.. Kasha 0 809 8/7/2013
By: Kasha
Topic (No Replies) What is real? ImaDummy 12 2900 8/6/2013
By: ImaDummy
Topic (No Replies) The Ultimate Quote of the day elusive 3 2720 3/24/2013
By: Zen
Topic (No Replies) The Duality of Man
Ramblings of a mad man
Drayven 1 1425 6/4/2012
By: WhiteTigerForever
Topic (No Replies) An amazing story about mistaken identity... elusive 1 1678 6/2/2009
By: Riki
Topic (New Replies) the Awakening
author unknown (and I have looked all over the web to find him/her)
elusive 0 2193 1/1/2008
By: elusive
Topic (No Replies) Is it fate or isn't it? Jessica 1 2061 2/2/2007
By: skywatcher
Topic (No Replies) On Reason khristofer 1 1880 4/22/2006
By: khristofer
Hot Topic (No Replies) Obliteration of the Human Race Nalecki 25 9196 9/5/2005
By: Raziphel
Topic (No Replies) Depression... has anyone ever....? ~tonic* 10 4804 4/3/2005
Topic (No Replies) What is the true meaning of the word SURRENDER? Christopher 2 1508 7/21/2004
By: xXAshXx
Topic (No Replies) One Truth or Many Truths? ~pw~ 19 6448 7/20/2004
By: bree
Topic (No Replies) A poll about being young. ~pw~ 7 3997 5/6/2004
By: krissy
Topic (No Replies) Where Does Self-Defense End? Grau 9 2909 5/2/2004
By: bree
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