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Topic (No Replies) why are athesists SlutPup 6 1960 5/19/2017
By: miss_Behavin
Topic (No Replies) Wiccan/Pagan Room Karma 10 2862 5/5/2016
By: consensual~art
Topic (No Replies) A Pastor Asks A Politician Why He Supports Gay Marriage Kasha 5 960 3/26/2016
By: Uriel_*dArc_Angel*
Topic (No Replies) To Meet Such A Man CarelessWhisper 3 1142 1/7/2015
By: bills
Topic (No Replies) The Beast Revelation
Revelation 13
michae1 1 1161 7/18/2014
By: michae1
Topic (New Replies) Top 10 tips for atheists this Easter
As an intellectual movement, Christianity has a head start on atheism. So it's only natural that believers would find some of the current arguments against God less than satisfying.
ksenia 0 621 4/20/2014
By: ksenia
Topic (No Replies) Society and Culture CarelessWhisper 5 1198 12/17/2013
By: A_Fish_Called_Casper
Topic (No Replies) Christian polygamy Dom1234 8 1907 10/3/2013
By: Dom1234
Topic (No Replies) Angel Priest bree 1 815 9/20/2013
By: bree
Topic (New Replies) Lawrence Krauss: Atheism and the Spirit of Science Kasha 0 691 8/26/2013
By: Kasha
Topic (No Replies) Pope draws millions bree 2 794 7/30/2013
By: ImaDummy
Topic (No Replies) If God really loves us.... ImaDummy 7 1114 6/22/2013
By: ImaDummy
Topic (New Replies) A New Saint is in the Works bree 0 1698 6/19/2013
By: bree
Topic (No Replies) i'm a christian newsub208 1 1099 6/12/2013
By: Tomboy1
Topic (New Replies) A Bill Crosby Quote Zanman 0 754 5/30/2013
By: Zanman
Topic (No Replies) Fasting Enforced in Public School bree 4 1043 5/2/2013
By: bree
Topic (New Replies) Stem Cells bree 0 849 5/1/2013
By: bree
Hot Topic (No Replies) New Pope Already Breaks Records bree 21 6061 3/28/2013
By: bree
Topic (No Replies) Catholic Rosary Beads bree 4 2054 2/1/2013
By: bree
Topic (No Replies) Female Meter Maids Banned in Spanish City Wed, September 12, 2012 by: Soeren... Zanman 1 1143 10/23/2012
By: MrCustomer
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