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Bra TesterWelcome to the Wonderful World of {ksenia}
Hello - how kind of your to look me up!

I am ksenia (greek - 'hospitality'/'welcome'), British and in my 30s. As of the 22nd January, 2017 i will be collared to the most wonderfulest Master Portus (latin - 'home') in the whole world Who i adore completely.

I have qualifications in education, theology, politics and person-centred care. I work with elderly people and i absolutely adore them....one of the best jobs ever!

You are most likely to find me:
being ever so devoted, adoring and affectionate for my Owner
cavorting with other submissives
debating various elements of BDSM
tidying up The Dungeon

You are least likely to find me:
being rude or mean

I might like to...
Be asked about a subject or point of view i haven't considered and challenged to do some research
Learn how to dance and develop my descriptive text
Keep a journal....consistently...without having gaps of months in between each post...
Return to mindfulness and my work outs in order to be the best version of me i can be, for me.

Please feel free to ask questions of me, especially if you're new to D/s or The Pork. I'm very happy to show you around, share links or my own experiences. I can't give answers or solve problems but i'm happy to accompany people as they explore their stuff.
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