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Profile for RunSaber
RS Mmm... Yay!
Do YoU LiKe...
tHe WaY
I... RaWk It? Evil

PeOpLe SaY I'm CoNcEiTeD,
CuZ ThEy ReaLLy WaNna Be Me!

tHe WiSe GeNeRallY FaVoR aNd VaLuE My InPuT *Heh*
O.o ...aNd OtHer PeOpLe? GeNeRallY... ThEy pAy fOr
ThEiR LaCk Of WiSdOm aNd PoOr ChOiCeS. Smile







~~ FFXI ~~
76 Smn, 76 Blm, 80 Blu, 80 Sch, 75 Brd, 75 Drk, 79 Pup, 75 Mnk
Garland of Bliss, vidohunir, expiacian, omniscience, mordant rime, insurgency, stringing pummel, ascetic's fury

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